Bat removal from attics in Tulsa, OK

It's tough to imagine a nicer area for bats to live than in a cool, dry, temperature controlled attic. Wild animals have to contend with so much risk in nature, that a nice house like yours can be far better than a cave.

Bats like to locate little tiny holes that they can squeeze through. As quickly as they've found a safe place, they'll invite the entire colony in! Before you know if you can have an entire family of bats hanging around in your rafters, eaves, soffits, chimney, and behind shutters. They will utilize your attic as a site to sleep and leave at night to go hunting.

Can you believe that Bats are the only mammal that can fly?

The worst component about having bats in your attic (past it just being gross) is that those fellas have nowhere to poop. That's right! All that hazardous bat guano that can transfer histoplasmosis simply drops straight onto your attic flooring, and even worse, your insulation.

Bat Removal vs Extermination

Your initial impulse could be, "We need to eliminate these bats!", but let me inform you: dealing with a bat infestation like a pest control problem is a big blunder. These wild animals are not ants or termites. It is illegal to kill a bat like they are.

Bats are protected in most parts of the country, so see to it you make use of an expert when handling a bat problem.

Trapping is less than perfect for bats because it's challenging to appropriately capture them like you would a rodent, raccoon, or a Bat. Lethal trapping means you are getting rid of a natural predator for mosquitos, flies, and various other frustrating insects around your home.

Tulsa Bat Removal and damage repair work

The absolute ideal means to do away with bats is via an approach called exclusion. Instead of attempting to tempt a bat into a trap, the most intelligent thing to do is compel it to leave (which they will certainly do during the night to go hunt) and never ever allow it back in! Sound crazy?

When clients call us with a bat issue in Tulsa, the first thing we do is discover how they entered. Once we determine the entry holes that they used to invade your attic, we set up one-way doors at those access points. In this manner, when your bats go hunting at night, they are not able to get back in.

Here's just how we handle a bat exclusion job:

  1. Invest a LOT of time determining each bat entrance hole into your home
  2. Establish one way doors at each entry point
  3. Confirm that we've excluded every one of the bats in your attic
  4. Seal all of the entrance points
  5. Clean all of the harmful bat guano in the attic making use of safety equipment
  6. Replace insulation (if needed)
  7. Fix any interior or external damage

Bat Removal Services Cost

Bat Removal Services in Tulsa, Oklahoma often tend to be more pricey than a lot of other sorts of wild animal removal, usually because they do so much damage. The price of such programs are as follows.

  • The average expense of a modest bat removal in Tulsa alone runs around $400+, generally in a range of $250-- $650
  • There is generally a (~ $200) examination charge, however that is often credited towards the removal price
  • Removing small to medium sized colonies of bats costs somewhere around $300-- $8,000 for removal and exclusion in Tulsa
  • Attic guano cleaning and re insulation can add an additional $600-- $8,000, depending on the extent of the damage and dimension of the house
“We Will get them out and keep them out!”